Ditch your ride-sharing app

Drivers from ride-sharing apps can't provide the same level of care and customer service that Tara can. You'll be glad you turned to Tara because she...

  • Provides rides for up to six people
  • Speaks English and some Spanish
  • Doesn't charge surge prices
  • Is a Midland, TX local
She also has many repeat clients who rave about her high-quality customer service. Reach out to Tara today to schedule chauffeur services.

Need a Reliable Driver in the Midland, TX Area?

Making it simple to get a ride

Getting a ride from Tara's Groovy Rides is a straightforward and easy process. When you come to Tara for chauffeur services, all you'll have to do is...


Call her to schedule a ride


Let her know where to pick you up and drop you off


Pay for your ride

Tara will even find you at the pickup time, so you won't have to worry about hunting down your ride. Speak with her today if you have any questions.